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BLS Crew Fall 2020 Safety Guidelines

(based on USRowing and BLS Guidelines)


  1. Training should focus on a “get in, train, get out” approach, minimizing unnecessary contact.

  2. Coaches and rowers must always maintain physical/social distancing of at least six feet.

  3. Masks (with loops, no neck gaiters) must always be worn in and around the boathouse and docks. Masks can be removed once on the water in singles (not doubles) and should be stored in a small, sealed plastic bag, but must be put back on when returning to the dock.

  4. Training will be allowed in singles and doubles, where consented to at the time of registration by a parent. Rowing in a double requires that a mask be worn by both rowers. 

  5. Coaches and rowers must sanitize their hands when arriving at practice and before leaving. Rowers need to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on their person. 

  6. No access to the boathouse is allowed unless authorized by a coach. When access is granted, only one person is permitted inside at a time.

  7. No storage of personal items is allowed in the boathouse. Water bottles should be labeled with the rower’s name and must be kept at-hand and not shared. The same goes for sunscreen.

  8. Each coach and rower should self-monitor for Covid-19 symptoms. If someone feels sick or feverish, they should contact their coach and not attend practice. All participants must quarantine for 14 days after exposure to a known carrier.

  9. If an individual has a documented case of Covid-19, the person must receive clearance from their doctor to resume participation.

  10.  Rowers must carry their oars to the dock and return them upon completion. Oars and ergs should be spray sanitized before use as well as disinfected after use and left to air dry. 

  11. Boats getting ready to dock must wait for any boats at the dock to leave before docking and vice versa.

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