Returning Varsity/Novice

Although exact details of the COVID-safe practices and competitions are still being determined, BLS Crew is excited to get back on the water and optimistic about having a robust spring season with racing of some sort, although as always safety will be the highest priority. 

All returning BLS Crew rowers and coxswains (both Varsity and Novice) will have the opportunity to start with voluntary, in-person pre-season training with the coaches starting February 22, 2021. These hour-long sessions will take place outdoors at BLS, weather-permitting, in the 3 - 6 pm afternoon time frame. COVID safety will be prioritized, including distancing and masks. More information about scheduling and sign-ups for slots will be provided after registration. Unlike winter training in normal years, these outdoor pre-season sessions will not be mandatory, and rowers who choose not to participate for whatever reason will not be affected once the on-the-water season arrives. 

All rowers planning to participate this spring should complete the registration form linked below by Saturday, February 20, and submit the required forms to the extent possible. We will share additional information both about the schedule for the first week, and plans moving forward, as soon as we possibly can.

Spring and Fall 2020 Novices - What Squad to Sign Up for?

Because of COVID and limited opportunities over the past couple of seasons to learn to row on-the-water, some of BLS Crew's usual patterns and the timing of the Varsity to Novice progression have been disrupted. Below are general guidelines about what squad you should register for. If you have questions, or think that these general guidelines do not apply in your circumstances, please reach out to Jasmine at

  • If you are in 7th grade, you should register for Novice.

  • If you are in 8th grade, you should register for Novice; however, if you feel that you have had substantial on-the-water experience and are interested in moving up to Varsity, please reach out to Jasmine before registering.

  • If you are in 9th grade, and you have not had any on-the-water experience, you should register for Novice.

  • If you are in 9th grade and you had some amount of on-the-water experience during Summer or Fall 2020, you have the option of registering for either Novice or Varsity.

  • If you are in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, you should register for Varsity.

Practice Times and Locations

  • Voluntary pre-season practices at BLS (outdoors) will start Monday, February 22. More information will be provided on scheduling and sign-ups by Jasmine and the coaches. 

  • In mid- to late-March, we hope to move to the boathouse for on-the-water practices. Details to follow

Registration and Payment Deadlines

  • Registration Deadline: Saturday, February 20, 2021.

  • Forms Due Date: Saturday, February 20, 2021 for pre-season practice participation (see information below).

  • Payment Due Date: February 27, 2021.

Required Forms

All continuing Varsity and Novice rowers must submit the required forms as PDF email attachments to Forms can easily be scanned and emailed as PDFs using a free smartphone scanner app (for example, "Tiny Scanner" or "Genius Scan").

(1) A BLS Sports Clearance form will be required before the start of the official spring season. More information on the current Sports Clearance process will follow. 

(2) For Spring 2021 rowers who did NOT row in Fall 2020: A concussion training certificate, obtained by doing the video training at Concussion Training.

(3) For ALL Spring 2021 rowers: A signed Sports Safety Pledge. You can download the form here

Fees and Financial Aid

  • Rowers Fees:

    • Varsity Rower: $750.00

    • Novice Rower: $500.00

  • Payment Options: See Spring Payment

  • Friends of BLS Crew is committed to ensuring that crew is affordable for all students and families in the BLS community. If you would like to request financial assistance for the crew program, please send an email to

  • Payment is due Saturday, February 27, unless a financial aid or payment plan arrangement has been made.


To start registration, please fill out this form:

Bus to Varsity Practice

Because of COVID-19, we will NOT offer a bus from school to the boat-house this season.