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14th Annual New England Junior Championships

The 14th Annual New England Junior Championship Regatta is a 25+ club regatta pitting the purple checkered oars against both public schools and private schools. Up-to-date regatta info can be found at Regatta Central.

  • WHO -  All Squads

  • WHERE - Lake Quinsigamond. 251 North Quinsigamond Ave, Shrewsbury, MA.

  • WHEN

    • Coxswains & Coaches meeting:

      • Live via Zoom, Friday 10/6/23 @7pm

      • Meeting will be recorded.  No in-person meeting on Sunday

      • Meeting Link, Passcode: 846478

    • Races start as early as 8:05 am (see Race Tracker). Typical times are:​

      • 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Racing

      • 4:00 pm estimated departure Time - athletes should await coaches' instructions before departing


    • Specific line-up and race time info will be posted on the Race Tracker by Thursday evening  

  • VOLUNTEERS - Signup Genius Link will be published by Tuesday Evening. We will have 65+ athletes, plus coaches, parents etc. to feed.


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