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You've all recently plunked down $7.75 (or more) for a membership to and may be wondering what you get for this. Among other things, there is actually some very useful information on the USRowing website.  (Yes, the website is free, but without our contributions, it wouldn't exist.)

As an athlete or parent, you will do yourself an enormous and long-lasting service by browsing through these articles. Parents are encouraged to take a look and then to discuss some of the main topics with their athlete(s).

As you are all by now aware, rowing is a very physically demanding activity. Layering it on top of a fully-loaded day at BLS presents an additional challenge. Athletes that eat right, sleep enough AND ARE PROPERLY HYDRATED will feel good and be able to perform well during the crew season. Athletes that don't will struggle to balance the day and will not perform up to their potential on the water.

A few articles of particular interest:

BLS Coaches are a great resource when it comes to nutrition and will emphasize these concepts frequently during the season. Re-enforcing them and helping to implement them at home will make a big difference.

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