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Team awards

BLS Crew has achieved tremendous successes as a competitive team, which our entire community deserves the credit for. In the process of building fast, strong, intimidating crews and holding our team to the highest standards as athletes, we seek to recognize those additional qualities we highly value as a community, which make our team strong. The awards below are given to honor both those athletes who receive them and those friends they're dedicated to for their contributions to the team which go above and beyond the common. Not all awards are given out every year. It is only when an athlete truly demonstrates the strengths we seek to recognize here that she is awarded one of the honors below.


Fred and Rosalind McGrail Award for Leadership

For an athlete who displays superb qualities of true leadership on and off the water.


2006 - Marlene O'Hara

2007 - Tricia Dougherty

2009 - Caroline Johnson

2010 - Caroline Kiritsy


This award is dedicated to Fred & Rosalind McGrail, parents of Lindy McGrail '05. Fred McGrail was the first to take the reins of the Friends of BLS Crew as its official president in 2003. He & Rosalind spent countless hours contributing whatever skills and time were necessary to facilitate the team's general progress, whether painting oars, running meetings, or advising the team, the McGrails were ever supportive of the crew & hugely instrumental in its rapid growth.


Pete Skipper Award for Team Spirit

For a team member whose general attitude and behavior exemplifies the true spirit of teamwork, dedication & mutual supportiveness characterizing the BLS Crew.


2006 - Lani Skipper

2007 - Kayla Monks

2008 - Emily Webb

2009 - Beata Coloyan

2010 - Lucia Bostrom


Father of Lani Skipper '06, Skip spent his years on the team contributing his skill, time & amazing spirit. Always to be found on race day by following his distinctive cheering or by searching for the trailer, which he drove to every race, including those as far away as New Jersey! His lovely wife, Mary, has also been a tremendous positive influence on the team, and was the first organizer of our annual erg-a-thon! Skip's positivity and encouragement are legendary, so it is only appropriate that our award for team spirit would bear his name.


Larry Edelman & Meghan Willis Hammer Award


Traditionally in rowing, an athlete who demonstrates extreme strength and physical prowess is labelled a "hammer," at BLS we confer this award upon the athlete whose rowing power has set her apart and, among other qualities, distinguished her as a role model of an athlete.


2006 - Mara Edelman

2007 - Molly Johnson

2008 - Hillary Cornish

2009 - Emily Collins

2010 - Rachel Wolsfelt


Parents of Mara Edelman '06, Larry & Meghan were our team treasurers for the first 4 years of Friends of BLS Crew's existence. As treasurer, Larry was part of our "off-season" board - the small group who works with the coach to make equipment purchases & prepare the team during the off-season. Without the Edelman's contributions this team simply would not have been able to make its rapid transition into such a powerhouse crew. As volunteers, advisors, treasurers and support team members, Larry & Meghan's contributions to the team are immeasurable. They have been so much of the power behind us, we dedicate this award for the athlete who shows herself in possession of tremendous power on the water to them.


Sharon Kreder Award for Commitment


To an athlete whose commitment to the sport, her training & her team has set her apart as an example of true dedication


2006 - Liz Hanson

2007 - Kaitlin Jackson

2008 - Alex Horan

2010 - Marcelle Goggins


A founding member of the "Friends," Sharon Kreder, mother of Liz Hanson '06, was one of our first volunteers to lead our newly founded organization and soon thereafter became a five year member of the fundraising committee and an integral player in our brief transition from fund-raising $5,000 to $45,000 per year. Sharon supported the team in many ways over the years - attending races, volunteering her time and generally providing encouragement and skill.


Claire Hughes Mt. Everest Award


For an unstoppable athlete who surmounted the greatest obstacles during the course of the season


2006 - Kelly Kennefick

2007 - Julia Stebletsova & Nghi Tran

2008 - Katelyn Donga & Julia Yasek

2010 - Caroline McCaughey


One of the very few experienced crew parents when the team was restarted, Claire, mother of Kathleen '03, was hugely helpful in guiding the team towards being a fully functional support organization. Contributing time, ideas & a wonderfully supportive spirit, Claire's influence made a tremendous positive impact on the group's development.


Terry Dougherty Guiding Hand Award


To an athlete whose actions and general demeanor show consistent attention to promoting the overall welfare of the team


2006 - Carolyn Bernazzani

2008 - Kayla Monks

2010 - Allison Florentino


Terry Dougherty, parent of 3 BLS Crew Athletes (Maggie '03, Tricia '07, Kathleen '13) has been instrumental in every part of the team's functioning. Working tirelessly to keep up equipment, tow boats, set up tent city, man the grill, keep us up to date, negotiate contracts, run the Friends, chaperone trips, work with the school, and much, much more, Terry is always the first to arrive at the race course in the morning and the last to leave at the end of the day. We appreciate him for everything he does and the amazing kindness and enthusiasm he brings with him in the process. Nobody who sees or talks with Terry 'round the race course leaves without feeling that the world's a little brighter for his influence.


Joyce Goggins Award for Creativity


For a team member who has best contributed her creative genius to the greater good of the team.


2006 - Cat Coyne

2007 - Jane Newbold


During her 6 years as a crew parent (mother of Marcelle '10), Joyce not only handled all of the team's paperwork and was hugely instrumental in organizing our volunteers, each year she also handmade a unique and fabulously beautiful BLS Crew quilt, which the team raffled off annually as a big part of its fundraising efforts. Her creativity extended into so many parts of the team, and for that and all of her loving work for this group, we are forever grateful.


Betsy Draper Award Ingenuity Award


Everyone contributes something special to the team; however, every once in a while athletes come along who up the standards of innovation and ingenuity in their contributions. This award honors them.


2006 - Tricia Dougherty & Kayla Monks


Steve Callendar Team Helper Award


To the athlete whose devotion is shown in her finding the ways to make herself most useful to the team on or off the water.


2006 - Brittany Callendar

2007 - Anna Rice

2008 - Rachel Sinsheimer

2010 - Allison Florentino


Diane Valle Award


To an athlete who consistently makes her coaches and team look good by her dedication to the details - big and small - that help the team to run more smoothly


2006 - Danielle Valle Fitzgerald

2007 - Zoe Calish

2008 - Maryana Vrubel


Mother of Danielle Valle Fitzgerald '06, Diane was tireless in her efforts to aid & organize the team. A typical example of Diane's contributing to the team: as a chaperone for our first Florida training trip, she organized a trip to Kennedy Space Center and was hugely intrumental in feeding & caring for our athletes.


Larry & Carolann Costello Loyalty Award


To an athlete whose loyalty to her teammates has made a positive impact upon the performances of those around her


2006 - Lauren Costello

2008 - Caroline Kiritsy & Caitlin Germana

2010 - Dora Tao


Parents of Lauren Costello '06, Larry & Carolann were some of the founders of the Parent organization. Over the years, they have served the team in many capacities: as fundraisers, communications chairpeople, and morale boosters for all.


Brian Brunelle Award for the Most Improved


2006 - Julia Yasek & 3V

2007 - Rachel Sinsheimer

2008 -

2009 -

2010 -


Over his years as an assistant varsity coach in '04 & '05 Brian consistently stepped in to handle more than his share in the work of building this team. As a coach, helper, mentor & friend to the team, Brian was instrumental in our development.


Weezy Waldstein Award


To an athlete whose daily effort & focus brought consistantly positive performance and energy to the team, and made an impact wherever she found herself.


2006 - Amanda Connolly

2007 - Jen Dolan

2008 - Rae Taylor-Burns

2010 - Leslie Barden


Mother of Jamila Martin '03, Weezy was one of the founding members of the Friends, contributing significant time and her strong organizational skills to the creation of the group.


Max Hunter Over-the-Top Award


To an athlete who showed true athleticism by always giving a little more than she had, taking risks on the water and thereby uplifting the performance of those around her.


2007 - Brittany Callander

2008 - Caroline Johnson

2010 - Maddie Johnson


Geoff & Dee Dee Costello Rookie of the Year


To the athlete who, in her first year on the varsity, impressed us all with her contributions to the team


2006 - Caroline Draper & Maryana Vrubel

2007 - Caroline Kiritsy

2008 - Katie Woo Rainer

2009 - Rachel Wolsfelt

2010 - Sara Kiritsy

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