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Friends of BLS Crew Officers/Organizers

BLS Crew is run entirely by parent volunteers as the nonprofit organization Friends of BLS Crew, Inc.


The current line-up includes:

  • President - Terry Dougherty

  • Co-Vice Presidents - Audrey Richardson and Kristina Martin

  • Treasurer - Tatiana Winger

  • Registrars & Financial Aid - Heather Baer and Simmi Hooda

  • Payroll Coordinator - Sophie Schmitt

  • Safety Officer - Fidencio Saldana

  • News From the Avenue (NFTA) Contributor - Stacey Head

  • Awards - Michelle Cannon

  • Webmaster - David Goodrich

  • Regatta Organizers - Heidi Brewster, Ivette Collazo, and Michele Stanley

  • Alumni Communication - Heather Stein

  • Ergathon Coordinators - Jennifer Lange, Michele Stanley, and Heidi Brewster

  • Photographer - James Capobianco

  • Ergometer Coordinator/Maintenance - Patrick McVay

  • Cox Box Coordinator - James Capobianco

  • Gear & Swag Coordinators - Trea LaRaia, Kelley Ray, and Mimi Monahan

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO DO - please contact us

If you are interested in one of these or another position, please email  as there is always work to be done!

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