Friends of BLS Crew Officers/Organizers

BLS Crew is run entirely by parent volunteers as the nonprofit organization Friends of BLS Crew, Inc. The current line-up includes:

President - Terry Dougherty

Vice President - Audrey Richardson

Treasurer - Rachel Garity, Hiroko Massarelli

Registrar/Financial Aid - Jaap van Reijendam

Safety Officer - Paul Wilcox

Communications - Elly Urquhart, Kelly Morgan

Co-Regatta Organizers - Catherine Brady, Cheryl Sullivan

Database Manager - Jaap van Reijendam

Ergathon Coordinators - Lisa Goren, Sandra Debow, Deeth Ellis, Heather Stein

Photographer - Michael Norek

Boathouse/ Equipment Coordinator - Gregor Dzialas

Team Reporters - Kate Chen, Sandra DeBow, Beth Germano, Margaret Wood

Spring Appeal Coordinator - Heather Stein

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO DO - please contact us

If you are interested in one of these or another position, please email  as there is always work to be done!