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BLS Boathouse

1345 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton MA 01235

The BLS Boathouse is located exactly here (on the east-bound side of Soldiers Field Drive between the Christian A. Herter Park and the Arsenal St. Bridge.) Don't get too excited when you see the stately red boathouse with the brick chimney and symmetrical spires, as that is Northeastern's Henderson Boathouse. Pivot your eyes to the right.


We cannot use the driveway or parking lot directly in front of the BLS Boathouse, even for live drop-off or pick-up.


Parking is available in the large parking lot approximately 500 yards to the east in Christian Herter Park or the small parking lot on the right after you pass the BLS boathouse and before the Arsenal Bridge.

Finding the Boathouse

Finding Parking for the Boathouse

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