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Regatta Information

In general, rowers should plan to arrive two hours before their first event of the day or 15 minutes before the team's first event of the day. Coxswains will usually have a coaches & coxswains' meeting to attend early in the day. All information will be available to rowers via the following links:

  • The Event Page, available on this website under the current season's calendar tab. Each event has its own page with detailed information about location, timing, athletes participating, parking, directions, parent volunteer needs, and any specific important information provided by regatta organizers.

  • The Race Tracker, available on each Event Page and created by coaches, with lineups and specific race times for each season's events. Information will typically be filled in on the Race Tracker by Thursday evening for upcoming weekend regattas.

  • An early-in-the-week email via the Google Group, which will provide the links to the Event Page, Race Tracker, Google Maps location, and SignUpGenius for parent volunteers to bring food and provide logistical support. For weekend regattas, this email will typically be sent out on Tuesday evening by the regatta coordinators.





  • A water bottle with your name on it

  • Uni & socks to race

  • Sunscreen

  • Coolmax or other non-cotton layer

  • Waterproof jacket

  • 1 full change of clothing for the drive home

  • Running shoes

  • Inhalers, braces, etc. (if you have one, bring it)

  • If rain is in the forecast: bring extra changes of clothing, especially non-cotton layers, one change for every time you will race

Even if it is predicted to be 90 degrees and sunny, you must ALWAYS bring the warm layer and the waterproof layer.


Bring all of the above plus:

  • Tool kit

  • Any race information that's been handed out prior to race day

  • A complete phone list for all athletes in your boat(s)

  • Hat & sunglasses


  • A little cash (occasionally, there is a $10 parking fee, event admittance fee). Bigger regattas also have vendors selling regatta clothing and gear.

  • A chair to sit on

  • Sunscreen

  • Something to read

  • Binoculars if you have them

  • Raingear and/or umbrellas if the forecast is rain

  • Food for athletes, parents, and coaches - organized via SignUpGenius.

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