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BLS Crew Google Groups


In addition to the website, which will always have up-to-date information concerning regattas etc., coaches and Friends of BLS Crew use Google Groups to communicate information directly to parents and athletes.

  • When you register for BLS Crew, the rower and parent email addresses you provide will automatically be added to the BLS Crew Google Group for that season.

  • If there is an email address that you would like added to these lists, please email the BLS Crew registrar at​​

  • Subject Line Protocol - all postings will include clues in the subject line that will tip you off as to whether or not that posting is relevant to you or your athlete. Those fairly self-explanatory clues​ are as follows:

    • All                 All rowers, coxes, and parents

    • G/Varsity      Girls Varsity squad and/or parents

    • G/Novice      Girls Novice squad and/or parents

    • B/Varsity       Boy Varsity squad and/or parents

    • B/Novice       Boy Novice squad and/or parents

    • Parents         Parents only (all teams)



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