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St. Paul's School Race (Spring 2020 - Girls Varsity only)

The race with St. Paul's School will be a single-school vacation week NEIRA race on the Charles River for the Varsity Girls.

  • WHO

    • Girls Varsity


    • ARRIVAL: Athletes meet at the BLS Boathouse at the time announced on the Race Tracker.

    • RACING and VIEWING: The course finishes at Magazine Beach. Most spectators choose to watch from there. Small parking lots on both sides of the Veterans Memorial Pool are usually enough to accommodate spectators. It has traditionally been considered risky to park at Trader Joes/ Micro Center, but perhaps not THAT risky. There is a Starbucks across the street. Pay attention when crossing Memorial Drive as it is hazardous.)

    • DO NOT PARK in the BLS/Northeastern boathouse lot. Plenty of parking is readily available a very short walk from the boathouse at the Christian Herter Park/Artesani Playground. Parking information can be found at

  • WHEN

    •  Lineups and race times will be posted a couple days before the race on the Race Tracker.

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